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Paige Barton and the Creation of SUFU

Paige Barton spent 15 years in an Ohio institution before proving her self-sufficiency. She became a leader of self-advocates in Maine, eventually forming the advocacy group Speaking Up for Us (SUFU).

Paul Easton sits on a stool wearing a sweater with an American flag on it
Personal Stories
Paul’s Story

"It was like going to a strange place. I had to get used to the place. What they did was my mother and father drove over to the building where they did the signing to let the person come to Pineland and then from there I went to a hospital."

Maryann Preble sits in an easy chair smiling at the camera, arms folded over a pink and white striped shirt
Personal Stories
Maryann’s Story

"My folks couldn’t come for a while, because where I was just—It hurt me to see them to leave and I got really upset and crying and stuff and they were going to come in and put me in a straitjacket and give me a shot. I finally calmed down, you know, it took me a while, but it was just like they put me there and they went off. It hurt me so bad, you know. It wasn’t my kind of place to be."

Bobby and Vicki Schad as children - a black and white photograph of two children sitting together with the larger one holding the smaller one close
Personal Stories
Bobby’s Story

"But when he came back home I believe there was a time when Mom and Dad talked to him, not knowing really if he understood, but just telling him that “We didn’t know. We didn’t know what was happening, we didn’t know how sad you were We didn’t know what was going on and we will never, ever send you away again.” And he just began—I think at that point he began to heal."

Jim Reed stands in front of his chicken coop
Personal Stories
Jim’s Story

"They had to have bodyguards when I take a shower and everything. Just for one minute they didn’t leave the area. They had to have bodyguards there to watch out what you’re doing. I didn’t like that either. Privacy. That’s not good."

Richard Raymond sits looking at the camera wearing a cap and blue shirt
Personal Stories
Richard’s Story

"When night time comes, you know, one of the worst things that happened was that superintendent was leaving the building, you know, and leaving the kids all unattended and they had big guys up there, coming down, beating us up, you know."

Vanessa Munsey at her home in 2019 - courtesy of Keith Ludden, OHFR
Personal Stories
Vanessa’s Story

"This aide come took me down the stairs and ripped my dress and they treat me like a wild animal. If you don’t get up at roll call they put you in the other bed until you get up. They treat you like a crazy person."

Still of Arlene MacPherson speaking about Pineland
Personal Stories
Parents Stories

"We were told to put her in an institution and forget her." - "Parents couldn't cope - there were no services" - "We went to the Legislature in groups and pairs." - "They were putting people in communities that were not ready." - "Pineland should always be there."