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Bobby’s Story

Bobby and Vicki Schad as children - a black and white photograph of two children sitting together with the larger one holding the smaller one close

Vicki and Bobby Schad

“But when he came back home I believe there was a time when Mom and Dad talked to him, not knowing really if he understood, but just telling him that “We didn’t know. We didn’t know what was happening, we didn’t know how sad you were We didn’t know what was going on and we will never, ever send you away again.” And he just began—I think at that point he began to heal.”

Vicki Schad’s older brother Bobby was born with developmental disabilities. With little help, and pressured by their family doctor, Vicki’s parents decided to send Bobby to Pineland in the hopes that he could learn to be more self-sufficient. Instead, news broke of abuses at the school, and Bobby’s behaviors suggested he had experienced serious trauma. His family brought him home, where he lived until 2011.

Listen to Vicki telling his story below, part of our podcast series, “Life On My Own”.

Maine DD Council · Life On My Own – Vicki Schad
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