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Take Action

Pineland closed its doors in 1996 but there is still work to be done to ensure the equal treatment of all Mainers.

Action steps:

1. Call your legislators

The policies that change lives often begin at our State House and the Capitol. Tell your representatives that people with developmental disabilities deserve to have self-determination and services in their communities. Weigh in on the issues that impact people with developmental disabilities today. Use your vote and your voice!

To find your state and federal elected officials, put in your address at this website:

Find Your Representatives

2. Get Involved in local communities

Be a part of your community! Make accessibility and inclusion the norm – and if you see an issue facing people with developmental disabilities in your town, stand up and demand change. Get to know the many wonderful organizations working for a better world for people with disabilities, and give them your support:

Local Organizations

3. Share your thoughts

What did you think of Out of the Shadows? What are the most important issues facing people with developmental disabilities today? Give us your feedback and your ideas here:

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