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Paul’s Story

Paul Easton sits on a stool wearing a sweater with an American flag on it

Paul Easton

“It was like going to a strange place. I had to get used to the place. What they did was my mother and father drove over to the building where they did the signing to let the person come to Pineland and then from there I went to a hospital.”

Born in 1955 in Portland, Paul Easton ended up in foster care as a child. His foster family would put him in the cellar and tie his hands when they had visitors over, to keep him quiet. He was sent to Pineland when he was ten. “At the time I wasn’t very good.” He spent 4 years at the institution. He liked the activities at the school, but didn’t like the punishments, which included squeezing their stomachs until they hurt.

Now he lives and works in his community.

Listen to him tell his story below, a part of our podcast series, “Life On My Own”.

Maine DD Council · Life On My Own – Paul Easton
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