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Sarah Trites

Sarah Trites is a poet, a board member of SUFU, and a member of the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council. When she is not working to advocate for herself and her fellow citizens with developmental disabilities, Sarah likes to watch TV, play games, and spend time in her community with supports from her family and services.

Two women sit in the Hall of Flags in the Maine State House, smiling at the camera
Sarah and her mom at the 2019 Inclusion Awards Ceremony

Listen to Sarah’s story below:

Lost in a Storm

By Sarah Trites

Deep inside ourselves

We seek to understand,                                  

  That which is beyond all understanding.

We desperately look around us

To find something familiar

Something tangible that we can hold on to.

But there is nothing,

Nothing but a great tempest

Crashing in the sea.

And the terrible storm rages out of control.

We become transfixed by our own fears

Not knowing in which direction to swim.

Or should we just stay where we are

 Struggling against the pull of the undertow

All seems lost to us and then,

The storm clouds finely part.

Lifting the Vail of despair from our eyes.

Over the new horizon we see her.

 Our hearts leap with joy

At the sight of those tall masts and sails.

 We know our rescue is at hand.

And as we stand safe on her deck

Looking back from where we had come

We remember the storm,

As we bravely sail on