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All of the Above!

This quote was said in 1907, 1957, and 2012.


“…those unfortunates whose uncontrolled life and movements have been shown by science and experience to be a terrible menace to the social order and a constant economic burden to every family and community that shelters them.” – Inaugural Address of Governor William T. Cobb to the Legislature


“What about the 145 mentally-deficient men and women released from the Pownal State School during the past four years?…What’s the danger to the public? If there is a danger? Can you trust that person on the bus next to you?” – Lewiston Evening Journal, March 19, 1957


“Our children have endured lives where they are either a danger to themselves, family members, staff or fellow students, or even to passersby.” – Statement of the Parents organization at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, calling for the reinstatement of electroshock therapy “to allow for aversive behavior interventions, including restraint”.